Lake Foods to create 120 jobs in Hart County, Georgia

The Hart County Industrial Building Authority announced today, January 15, 2014, that Lake Foods, a newly established food processor, is opening its first location in mid-February in Hart County Georgia. With an investment of $4 million including the purchase and re-purpose of an existing 62,000-square-foot facility in Hart County's Industrial Park, located on U.S. Hwy 29 near the City of Hartwell, the facility will provide a processing center, refrigerated inventory, and main hub for operations.

"The property in Hartwell is ideal for food processing, and provides a tremendous opportunity for us to grow our business for the next few years, and well into the future. We have already begun the remodeling of the facility to suit our specific needs, and have been overwhelmed by the expertise and professionalism of all the local contractors and vendors," said Holly Borrow, Chief Marketing Officer.

"The location of Lake Foods operation in our community represents a significant commitment by the company in Hart County and we are excited about the job opportunities Lake Foods is helping create for our local area citizens," said Douglas Cleveland, Chairman of the Hart County Industrial Building Authority.

Lake Foods will begin operations in mid-February by employing 28 skilled individuals working on one shift, five days a week to provide the highest quality food products possible, while maintaining a safe and comfortable place of employment. With the tremendous demand and growth in the food processing sector, Lake Foods plans on expanding business into 2 shifts and requiring up to 120 employees within 5 years. With the available candidates for employment in the area, Lake Foods has the highest level of confidence in the ability to be staffed with extraordinary individuals.

"The Hart County Board of Commissioners welcomes Lake Foods to our community. Agriculture is a significant component of Hart County's economy and we are eager to help Lake Foods aggressively grow its business and workforce in our area," said Joey Dorsey, Hart County Board of Commission Chairman.

"With the support of Hart County, Hartwell, and Georgia state officials, Lake Foods feels as if it will be a highly successful food processing company for years to come," Borrow continues. "We expect Lake Foods to continue to grow in the food processing sector and create even larger demand for workforce expansion longer-term."

Lake Foods is a privately owned company, with the long term ambition of becoming a large, nationally recognized preferred supplier. With over a century of experience, the team at Lake Foods will strive to provide a desirable, safe, and competitively compensated place of employment for all of its associates. Lake Foods will process and introduce a variety of different products to the market and for its customers across the country.

Georgia Department of Economic Development, Regional Project Manager, Tammy Caudell, is assisting with the project.
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Posted on Thursday January 16 2014

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